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We specialize in sponsorship and vendor management for major events and Festivals.


Most Festivals and Events require food services on-site, as well, like to have craft vendors on site as an added value to the attendees.  PlaceMyBooth can assist in handling the process of securing food and craft food vendors for your event.


PlaceMyBooth can provide the following services:


  • Application Creation/Processing: we design your applications, get the word out to vendors and deal with any questions.

  •  Vendor Curation: we help you choose the best vendors for your event based on variety/offerings/and often previous experience with the vendor at other events

  • On-Site Management: We are on-site to deal with load-in, compliance, challenges, utilities, and a safe loadout.

  • Consultation with Festival/Event: We are available to help work through any challenges leading up and during the event.

  • Pricing: We offer insight on pricing based on our experience with other events.

  • Advancing: We deal with each vendor leading up to the event so you're not bothered with calls and emails. We make sure every vendor knows what's happening well in advance.

  • Work with local health, TSSA: We will work directly with the local health department and TSSA to make sure all requirements are met. We have our Propane handling certificate

  • All accounting: We can invoice and collect payments from vendors in advance or work closely with your accounting department through this process

  • Post Report (where required): We provide you with a full accounting and a report on challenges and improvements for the next event.


PlaceMyBooth also offers Sponsorship sales services and currently works with Burlington Sound of Music as their sponsorship management team.


We work with each festival producer to tailor a program that makes sense for the event as well as the budget and to take the required tasks off their hands, so they can focus on producing their event.


Please feel free to contact us for further information. OR

Ryan Heerschap - 416.788.1475

Mark Watson - 416.873.6609


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